Thermal is a 60% keyboard kit designed by Wilba Tech and the first keyboard kit from The Foundry by Rama Works. Wilba is the designer behind many keyboard PCBs and the Zephyr keyboard kit.
The first thing you probably notice about the Thermal keyboard is the defining heat sink bezels. It's very reminiscent of vintage electronics like Commodore computers, or the Atari. That said, it was clear from the start that the Thermal demanded an retro inspired vibe.​​​​​​​


The project had a relatively quick turnaround, so the direction was to create just a few different angles so people could get a better feel for it's shape. Each shot reveals a wider view of the keyboard, as if constantly zooming out, until finally revealing that the whole teaser has been happening on a macro scale inside of a red hot laser.
Chris Korenczuk and Jordan Craig did not hesitate at the chance to create the retro synth inspired music. Having a track early on in the project really helped shape the animation. The music evolved quite a bit during the duration of the project with a few rounds of feedback from Wilba and myself, but what you hear in the final version is incredibly representational of the first iteration they created.


Visuals: Todd Hersey
Audio Post Production: Phased
Composers: Jordan Craig, Chris Korenczuk